In Daily Sam on May 6, 2011 at 5:20 pm


New York was just declared the best city in the world. Just like it is every year. What up every other city.

Does anyone care that the report that made this declaration was sponsored by the Partnership for New York City? Motivated reason much? Well, I don’t care. I’ve long described New York as the Greatest City On Earth, and these biased reporters have finally furnished some statistics. Besides, one of New York’s greatest charms is its confidence in its self.

I like Los Angeles, so I was pleased to see them make the list.┬áBut, I also like hating on Los Angeles. It’s a New York pastime, after all. So, I was even happier to see Houston beat them out. Nobody likes Houston. Losing to Houston is like listening to John Yoo speak: it hurts hard.

And then there’s Toronto’s second-place finish. The Atlantic explains:

Toronto is a “beta” city, the authors say, because it’s not considered a part of the conversation with London, Paris, and New York for greatest city in the world. But it has all the building blocks of a superlative international city, beginning with smart ideas about sustainability and innovation.

Translation: “Good place, but, well, it’s Canadian.”

Congrats again NY. I heart you.

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